Sailing is one of the few activities that able bodied people as well as those with disabilities can take part as equals. The RYA recognised this and set up the Sailability project that now introduces over 53,000 people a year to the sport.

Safety and stability are key to the confidence and development and for group activities the Drascombe Lugger was the first Drascombe to be specially adapted, and now the Longboat has proved a popular choice for many clubs. The seaworthiness and roomy cockpit area are ideal for an instructor to be able to take parties of up to 9 people out on the water, and the flexible sail plan is a huge advantage.

In recent years clubs have turned to the Drascombe Longboat as a suitable platform for larger groups, who can safely experience the thrill of sailing. With a wheeled steering option the Longboat provides a secure helming position for a disabled sailor.

To discuss any particular requirements please call us on 01794 301827 or email us at

Drascombe Sailability Boats

We have worked with numerous Sailability Groups over the years to ensure that we meet the requirements for each individual club, we have set guidelines of extras which are to be fitted to meet the requirements, and from there we fit any extra fixings. Get in touch to talk through the various options.