Drifter 22 back in production

Drifter 22 back in production

After a few year break, the Drifter 22 is back in production. An order has been secured and once completed she will be shipped to America in Spring 2021.

Designed for the basis of the original Drifter, the D22 was the creation of the late Stewart Brown, with its twin keels, and spacious cockpit and cabin area, she is a spacious boat which sleeps two in the cabin, we want to give the owners space to move, and not feel cramped, unlike some boat designs.

There will be some changes to the new D22, nothing major, some interior re-designing, to bring her into the a modern era.

There will be three D22 available at a special price, once the changes have been made, she will be priced accordingly, however, still attractive on the wallet.

Sharon will be only too happy to talk you through the new plans we have.

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