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Sharon Geary Harwood
Sharon Geary HarwoodManaging Director
Sharon is the owner and MD of Drascombe (CBL) Ltd, having taken over in March 2013. Sharon is the face of Drascombe, with her ever enthusiasm not just running the business day to day, but also being at all boat shows happily talking to existing customer, potential owners as well as enjoying listening to stories from past Drascombe owners. Her knowledge of the product, as well as remembering prices of spares, is incredible. Sharon enjoys the social side of Drascombing and what it can acheive, with two Drascamps and the Drascombe Golden Jubilee, owners enjoy the events which are co-run with the company. In her spare time, Sharon enjoys any opportunity she can of getting on the water and learning new skills, as well as being Mum to two grown up daughters and an adorable Grandson, who all come along to support the boat shows.
Simon Harwood
Simon HarwoodProduction Manager
Simon joined Drascombe (CBL) Ltd in 2003, when the company was given the license to build Drascombe boats. Learning under the skill full eye of PJ, and learning tricks of the trade from Stewart, Simon is happy with a chisel in his hand building a new boat, or refurbishing an older one. Simon has been involved in building over 300 Drascombes, and enjoys using the traditional hand crafted way of building a boat. His knowledge of Drascombes, along with knowing how to do the most tedious repair has come with many years of experience.
Richard Pizey
Richard PizeyBoat show assistant
Richard has been helping at Drascombe for over four years now at various boat shows. A very keen sailor, Richard is knowledgeable on the sailing side, and able to give hints and tips for sailing a Drascombe. Behind the scenes, Richard also helps with brokerage sales for non Drascombe boats, as well as being known to deliver boats to customers as far as Berlin, Germany. Richard works alongside Sharon when it comes to Drascombe events, such as the Drascombe Golden Jubilee and the two successful Drascamps.
Rags Office dog
Rags is the office dog, who is always looking out of the cat flap to see who is about. A very friendly part of the team who enjoys nothing more than lots of fuss made over him.
Lauren, Hannah and Kyle
Lauren, Hannah and Kyle
Behind the scenes are some important people to this company. Lauren (eldest daughter) is married to Jamie, and Lauren has Kyle, along with Hannah (youngest daughter) all come along and support and help us during the boat shows. Lauren and Hannah have been attending and helping at the boat shows for many years, and now Kyle is starting to follow in their footsteps.